Aberdeen Angus

Aberdeen Angus is a breed of cattle commonly used in beef production. They are naturally polled and come in solid black or red. The breed was developed in the 19th century in Aberdeenshire in Scotland. The herd book goes back to 1862 and the society was founded in 1879.

Angus mothering instincts are very strong, as is the calf’s instincts to get up and suck within the first few moments after birth. Superb mothers with superior milking ability and great calving ease. The Angus cow does her job well, whether it’s her first calf or her tenth.

Aberdeen Angus has the natural ability to produce quality beef from grass and forage. Grass is the primary source of Omega-3 essential fatty acid. Omega-3 protects and maintains a healthy heart and brain function. Grass fed beef is a powerful source of Iron, Zinc, B vitamins and other essential fatty acids.

The breed is known for its superior carcass quality with a high ratio of lean meat to fat and bone. Fine tissues of marbling through the lean muscle, ensure tenderness and a succulent flavor when cooked.

Blackford Farms have been members of the Aberdeen Angus cattle society since 1979, and over the years have acquired some great pedigrees. Highland Wagyu have recently increased the herd by acquiring new stock bulls and some great heifers. We are all looking forwards to the exciting future of the Pedigree Aberdeen Angus herd.

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