he Beef shorthorn breed was developed from the shorthorn breed in England and Scotland around 1820. Shorthorn was developed as a dual purpose breed, for both dairy and beef production. Different breeders opted to concentrate on one purpose rather than the other and in 1958 the beef breeders started their own section of the herd book. In 1976, in an effort to improve the muscling in the breed, the directors of the beef shorthorn society sanctioned the use of Maine-Anjou blood into the breed. The herd book was then closed again to outside blood in 2001.

The importance of the shorthorn breed in the development of other cattle breeds is enormous, and shorthorn genetics have been used worldwide to develop over 40 different breeds. A level of marbling has always been a virtue of the shorthorn breed.

Feed a shorthorn well and they do well!

Shorthorn cows calve without assistance, because of their wide pelvic bone they calf easily. They come to puberty earlier than other breeds, and are wonderful mothers, allowing calves to cross suckle. Probably one of the best suckler cows there is.

Blackford Farms has been a member of the Shorthorn society since 1996. We have some fabulous shorthorn cows and equally great stock bulls. Highland Wagyu recently purchased another stock bull in February from the Perth bulls sale, he has already started working this summer along with the other stock bulls, who have been producing some amazing calfs.

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